installing puppet 3.0 + hiera + puppetdb + librarian

What we are doing

So Puppet 3.0 recently came out. It has Hiera support built in. Along with this PuppetDB 1.0 was released, which is supposed to be a very handy and very fast means of centrally storing catalogs and facts about your Puppet clients. Librarian is a project I recently ran across that helps coordinate the modules in your Puppet environment, unfortunately its not packaged.  I don’t usually like using Puppet Lab’s softwre repositories directly, but am for this because the software isn’t in EPEL yet.

So all I’m really doing is help layout a proof of concept environment using these tools.



  • You have enabled PuppetLab’s repositories.
  • You are not going to implement it this way in production.  That would be bad, m’kay?
  • You are going to notice than installing librarian as a gem completely overwrites your package installed version, thus validating why this in production is bad.




  • Make sure your fqdn is resolveable. Right now we are using a single host, so I’m just using localhost not the fqdn.
  • Populate /etc/puppet/puppetdb.conf with the following
  • Set the puppetdb server in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
  • If you are using a separate host ensure that /etc/puppetdb/jetty.ini has the servername set to our fqdn. If its unpopulated, check it again after you run puppetdb-ssl-setup below.

Initialization of Puppet and PuppetDB

So PuppetDB’s SSL setup is very strict. For now, just make sure that you are

Adding modules using Librarian


  • First, prepare your puppet install for Librarian to control your modules directory
  • This will have created a PuppetFile in /etc/puppet
  • Add a puppet forge module into PuppetFile
  • Add a module from a git repository into PuppetFile
  • Tell librarian to build your modules directory
  • Check out your handy work

Configuring Hiera and preloading some data

ya.. need to get to this part..

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