CES fail

I was right, this did turn out to be a much more interesting CES than the year I went.  However, from the posts I've read I fear I was also right in that it was only more interesting because I don't stay up on all the latest hype anymore.  Most of the kewl products I heard about appear to have been leaked months ago.  Ahh well, c'est la vie.

I do have to give Motorola credit, their Atrix 4G with laptop dock for AT&T's network.  I'm not in the school of thought that accepts HSPA+ as 4G, but otherwise this is the most enticing Android phone I've personally seen on the market.  I haven't been a fan of Motorola' mobile space in a while, and their first series of Android phones for at&t were just.. depressing. Never one to be fully satisfied, I still want a hardware keyboard and MeeGo.

Speaking of Meego, where was it?  From all I can tell there was a tablet and a netbook at Intel's booth showing it off.  Where was Nokia? Apparently they turned into a news media organization rather than show their wares.  They did have Dolby showing off the N8.  NAVTEQ (the navigation company they purchased) and Qt (the graphical development environment for Symbian^3+ and MeeGo) both had booths.  Nokia was also part of the AT&T Developer summit.  But alas.  No new phones...

But wait?  What's this?  Apparently there are some rumors about the fabled N9 device. With fingers crossed they will supposedly be announcing the N9, X7, and the unknown to me E6-00 device.  That's 6 weeks away... and then who knows how long till release.  Hopefully my battered and bruised e71x can last.