git reference guide - part one

I'm still getting used to utilizing git for my version control. The part I like most is the merge handling. So here is another reference post for me, hopefully it will help me remember bits of my git work flow. Mostly basics, and some I do not need to remind myself, but it does not hurt to document.

Checkout repository - git clone

# Simple http
git clone [directory name]

# or for an authenticated Fedora project repository:
git clone git:// [directory name]

# or an authenticated github repository:
git clone git:// [directory name]
git clone [directory name]

Add a file to the index - git add

git add path/to/file [more files]

See current status - git status

git status [path/to/file] [more files]

See differences between current changes and committed changes - git diff

Stash changes without committing them - git stash

Update local repository from remote - git pull

Commit changes in index - git commit

#Full set of added changes
git commit -a

# Ignore index and commit specific file(s)
git commit path/to/file [more files]

Generate a patch from local commit git format-patch

git format-patch {origin, branch}

Some useful options

  • -find-renames, -M n%
  • -output-directory, -o dir
  • -numbered, -n
  • -unnumbered, -N
  • -signoff, -s

Directly send locally committed patch via e-mail - git send-email

see man page for Gmail config

git send-email --subject=SUBJECT --to=address [--to=additional] file.patch

Apply a patch set - git am

git am --signoff file.patch

Push changes to remote - git push

That is it for now, but I know there will be at least one more of this because I have not touched on branching and switching around between repositories.